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Maybe We Will Just Slow Down

The other evening, I was walking my dog, and in this new reality of “social isolation” this once somewhat benign task now possessed a certain degree of importance. Almost as if going for a walk has now become less of an option and more of a necessity.

My usual path takes me through the neighborhood and past the home of a very good family friend. He was outside in his backyard, and there with a fence between us, we had a conversation. We talked about the impact of this pandemic and how it has effected the way we work, the way we recreate, and the way we socialize. It was typical of just about every conversation that is occurring just about everywhere on the planet right now.

As the conversation was winding down my friend said this, “Maybe a 21-day isolation isn’t such a bad thing. Maybe it might cause everyone to just slow down.”

I pondered this statement for the entirety of my walk, for the rest of the evening, and even through the following morning, “Maybe it might cause everyone to just slow down.”

During my Cursillo Encounter Weekend I remember reaching that “slow down” moment. The anxiety and concern which I had brought with me to the Encounter Weekend disappeared. The anticipation of what was coming next dissipated. The importance of the moment… the experience of just in the moment… I remembered exactly when that happened for me on that weekend.

Please, as we are adjusting to this new reality, I encourage all of you to reflect on your experience of the Weekend Encounter and try and pinpoint the moment things changed… the moment you changed.

This next period of time, both in the short term and in the long term, will require change. It will require us, individually as well as communally, to learn how to work, recreate, and live differently. In addition, we will most likely encounter challenges, obstacles, and legitimate hardships as we continue this pilgrimage. Yet, let us not abandon hope in Christ nor our necessity for each other.

If your Reunion Group (4th day) hasn’t met in a while try scheduling a web-based video conference. Create and participate in group texts or emails. Write letters (if you can find the stamps left over from Christmas Card season), and phone calls, and please don’t forget to go for a walk.

We will once again be scheduling Ultreya’s, Reunion Groups, and School of Leaders. We will once again be actively preparing for the next Cursillo Weekend Encounter. We will once again resume those tasks and to-do lists, however, let us pray that we do so with a new-found appreciation for unscheduled time and most importantly a deep love for the presence of one another.

De Colores,

Deacon Jason A. Batalden

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