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The value of others

I am often asked what I do for a living and my response is typically limited to my job title and where I work. This response satisfies most surface level inquiries, and, I assume, is the typical interaction for most of us when meeting new people for the first time.

Responding to personal inquiries with non-personal responses is socially acceptable. It is polite, and concise, and provides an opportunity to learn about one another in a non-threatening way. Non-personal responses to personal questions is a method we have all used to establish common ground.

Common ground is important to human relationships. When we discover we have something in common with someone else, no matter how diverse we are, a connection is made. It is through connection by which we assign value. It is through the recognition of the value of another by which we then establish a relationship.

The Cursillo teaches that the value of another person is not in what they do, or in what they possess, or even in what they believe. The value of another person is inherent in their being. As God’s creation we all share the common ground of his love for us and his desire to be in relationship with us.

As we endeavor to live our Cursillo in our environment we sometimes struggle with seeing the God given value of others. The pressures of life and the difficulties associated with living in a diverse world obscure our vision and prevent us from seeing Christ in each other. It is not unusual to become discouraged or even disillusioned with our mission of “being a friend, making a friend, and bringing a friend to Christ” when we allow ourselves to become disconnected from those who share our mission.

As a Cursillo community we must continue to endeavor to live out our weekend experience. We do this through our own spiritual exercise, through the accountability and support of Reunion Groups (4th Day Groups), and through Ultreya’s. Through these, and in many other ways, we continue to strive to live our encounter so that Christ may be able to encounter others through us.

We, the Idaho Falls Cursillo Community, encourage one another to persevere in faith, faithfully lift one another up in prayer, and support each one’s efforts in being a light in a dark world. If you have experienced your Cursillo weekend… stay connected to your fellow Cursillistas through Reunion Groups and Ultreya’s. If you have yet to experience your Cursillo weekend… ask us how.

Christ is calling

De Colores,

Deacon Jason A. Batalden

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