Group reunions

The Group Reunion, or 4th day, as well as the Ultreya  gives the support we need as we continue the process of our own conversion in which we deepen our friendship with Christ, becoming more and more convinced of God's love for us. We maintain these groups through honest sharing of our experiences of Christian leadership. We grow in faith together and through this growth we become sanctified.

The 4th day/small group reunion is generally made up of 4 to 8 members the meet once a week or every other week so that the members are able to live an authentically Christian life. Group members will share what action they have continued, their moments closest to Christ, and group members may agree to study a specific book to help continue the Cursillo journey.

Ultreya is a large group reunion promotes the larger Cursillo community and is a opportunity to hear different talks and share with small groups. Ultreyas are generally an hour long and typically held once a month. To see the Ultreya schedule see out events calendar on our home page.

You do NOT need to have attended a Cursillo to join a 4th Day Group. If you are interested in joining a 4th day please contact Pam Jones at: and she will connect you with an existing group.